Sacred Memories–Off to editor, again.

I sent the Sacred Memories manuscript back to my editor Friday.  This is the third time that I’ve printed it and sent it to her and it grows longer with each revision.  This latest version included 8 maps and the image captions.  My editor expects the book to be on the spring title’s list, and I’ll post an image of the front cover as soon as I have one in hand.  In the meantime, here’s a grainy photo capturing the monument dedication day at Waxahachie, TX 1912.  Being my home county, I figured this was a good photo to upload.  The picture will be more clear in the book but became more distorted as I resized it in photoshop.  Needless to say, no one is going to hire me to work with photoshop any time soon.

I wish there was creative down-time now that one book is essentially done but the next one is due in October.  I’ll whine here and admit that it is hitting the bottom of the “to do” list because there is so much going on at work, but I interviewed Tracey Gau, who teaches World Literature, on Friday in preparation for writing the case study chapter on redesigning the large-lecture literature class.  I’ve blocked off all of Wednesday to work on the book, and I’m determined to keep the day meeting free!
Look for Sacred Memories:  The Civil War Monument Movement in Texas in Spring 2009 from the Texas State Historical Society Press.  I’ll update with a summary of the book soon–I need to write one for the back cover!

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