A $125, 7 hour car-trip hamburger

I was suckered into a road trip this past weekend, assisting my spouse with his dissertation research. The goal of the trip was to view some sites along the Red River to provide visual context and clues for the environmental history he’s currently writing of the river. I’m all about road-trips, particularly if they don’t involve bringing the children along. Off we headed with a map and the promise that we would start along the river but likely head into the Wichita Mountains to “get a feel for the land and watershed.” Seven hours later and two tanks of gas I realized that this trip was really an elaborate ploy to justify eating at Meers Store and Restaurant. A hole-in-the wall with a lot more national recognition than the average dive, Meers offers burgers made with 97% lean grass-fed Longhorn beef and “Gold Beer,” which is a wheat brew handcrafted by Krebs Brewing Company. The beer is made using a recipe perfected by the Choctaw Nation that involves NOT filtering the liquid during the fermentation process. I’m guessing this means that the beer continues to ferment even while sitting uncapped on my table. The burger was excellent—and had a rich flavor, flying in the face of most cooks who argue that it’s the fat in the burger that imparts the richness.

But better than the burger was the view from the top of Mt. Scott. The sun was setting as we steered to the top of the mountain. Somehow that view made the long drive, even at the current price of gas, worth it. Meers is located on Hwy 115, 1 1/2 miles from Mt. Scott and the Wichita Mountain National Wildlife Refuge in southern Oklahoma.  

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