Rewrites, rewrites

I’m working on the final rewrites for the Sacred Memories monograph.  It’s not as bad as I thought–all the issues are in the endnotes.  When I originally wrote this manuscript, I had not planned to have any endnotes but that desire–that the book be aimed at the general reader who would not be interested in specific endnotes other than in a general sort of way–was abducted by the publisher who insisted that the book become more scholarly and include detailed citations.  Ah well, the best laid plans.  So I pulled the big box of notes and photocopies out of the attic and am going back through everything, linking citations, page numbers, and quotes.  Luckily I had xeroxed everything I used (back in the day before digitization!) so it’s not as monumental a task as I originally feared.  I plan to work from home on Friday and knock out what’s left of this thing.  I’ve been piece mealing it each evening after after a full day at work.  I feel like I need big blocks of solid time to write or rewrite–at least a couple of hours.  I know I didn’t have that luxury when the kids were little but my brain has shifted, and I need it now.  No softball practice or other kiddo activities this evening so I’ve been able to work through an entire chapter.  

Book cover for Sacred Memories

Book cover for Sacred Memories

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