Transforming the Humanities Classroom to the Publisher!


Click on the link above to see an ad for the book set over the book cover!

The Transforming Book is off to the publisher!  What a whirlwind project.  I know that I had been gathering research, information, and writing pieces of it for the past three years but the final draft came together in five weeks.  Of course those were five killer weeks where I hibernated as much as possible to get this thing out, but still what a tremendous amount of work!  My brain felt like mush the day after and it was only the need to do 2 million other things that kept me from having a complete creative melt-down.  


Unfortunately I have three end-of-year (or end-of-project) reports still to write so I don’t have the luxury of the creative down-time I need; but there you go–life.  🙂  


I am hoping that once all this other work is done, I can move forward with a FUN project!  I’ve started dabbling with the beginnings of a manuscript I’m calling “Travels with Children.”  More to come. . . .

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