Book Signing–December 13th, Waxahachie, TX

Arcadia publishers called today and asked if I’d do a book signing December 13th for my book, Waxahachie, Where Cotton Reigned King.  I haven’t done anything with this book in ages.  Every once in a while I’ll still get a royalty check–usually for a sum less than $10 (I’m assuming those are the yearly quarters that my Dad’s bought books to give to folks as gifts!)

Anyway, a Midlothian native–Karen Esberger–has written a book on Midlothian with the same publishers, and they were wanting to have us both there to do a signing.  I’m free, so I’ve agreed. 

I had a book signing scheduled at Hastings (which is where we are scheduled) when the book came out originally.  I showed up but apparently I was the only one who remembered I had a signing.  Hastings had not done any advertising–shoot, they didn’t even have a table or books out.  I asked the manager what was up and while he went to the back to “find out,” I slipped out the front.  That’s the last time I’ve tried to work with Hastings to do a signing.  It’ll be interesting to see if Hastings makes a better go of it this time or not.  I guess I’ll phone them in advance to confirm and see if they’ve done some radio promotion, etc.  It is over an hour drive from Denton to Waxahachie, and I don’t want to haul myself down there if this signing turns out to be as “exciting and well-attended” as the last!  picture-3

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