is bigger food better?

I like to get value for my money as much as anyone but this trend toward offering someone SO MUCH food that it’s impossible–if not unhealthy–to eat it all is ridiculous.  I often start a meal by asking for a take-home-box.  Why even pretend like I’m going to scarf down enough food to feed a small nation?  The problem with that is that I only eat that take-home food about half of the time.  There are some things that just don’t reheat that well—that or I just don’t want to revisit that thing in the next day or two.  Most often, my 15 year old son eats the left-overs.  He eats constantly and is willing to try just about anything.  But you know what I mean about this being ridiculous?  

Carnegie Deli Sandwich

Carnegie Deli Sandwich

Take for example the Carnegie Deli club sandwich I ate recently in New York City.  I think a whole turkey must have been slaughtered–and that’s not to even mention the pound or two of bacon.  There was no way that a person could eat this whole sandwich in three meals, much less one.  And this is a tourist joint.  What was I suppose to do with the leftovers in my hotel room?  Not to mention the $20 price tag on this sandwich.  I really wondered why they even bothered with the bread.  This sandwich called for Texas Toast–not that flimsy white stuff they’d tried to sandwich all this meat between.  

Not to be outdone, though, a bakery located in Seattle’s Pike Market had gone with the idea of Texas sized-food.


Texas Sized Pastries at Pikes Market

Texas Sized Pastries at Pikes Market

Here you could get your giant donut straight up,  chocolate glazed, or with a twist of cinnamon.  I just took a picture then walked across the aisle and bought a pint of some of the sweetest strawberries I’ve eaten since I was last in France.  If I’m going to pig-out and eat TOO much, then I want it to be on something worth it.  And locally grown strawberries are definitely worth the indulgence.  

Maybe you’re wondering why I was in New York one day and Seattle the next?  A penchant for coast hopping, perhaps?  Nothing so glamorous.  Just work.

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