I’m into creativity at the moment–meaning not only do I want to DO it, I’m also reading a lot about it and searching for examples.  For a long time I was thinking about critical thinking–now I’m trying to decide how closely aligned are critical thinking and creativity.  It seems to me that they are very close but I expect deeper reading and contemplation will reveal more in this area.

So what got me off on this bent?  I think it was work burn-out.  I had just had it, and I was trying to figure out why I was having a total melt-down, hysterical, nervous breakdown.  Just months of thinking that time in a mental institute was looking mighty attractive.

And then it hit me–I wasn’t creating anything.  If anything, i was spending all my time deconstructing things–the very opposite of creation.  Luckily this insight occurred right before spring break.  I ran to a crafts store, bought lots of goodies, and spent some of that week off just making stuff.  I haven’t stopped since.  I’m painting a bird-house and making a bird mobile.  Not sure why birds–coincidence or spring?  Lots of birds around at the moment.

I also found this blog.  Makes me crazy to try new things–

Daisy Yellow, A Vivid Life with Kids

Daisy Yellow experimenting with new mediums

Daisy Yellow experimenting with new mediums

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