Morning Pages

I’ve been working with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way book, sparking my creative juices.  I’ve been so bogged down with work for so long that I felt creatively dead.  Way too many spreadsheets, budgets, and number crunching for this artistic spirit. 

One of the easiest things to do to get your creativity flowing again, according to Cameron, is to write morning pages in long-hand.  Three pages of free-flowing stuff every day.  I’ve been pretty good of late.  I think because I feel like my life is in transition.  I want to get it all down–out of my system so to speak.  That or its spring:  the time of rebirth and renewal.

So I’m recording this life each morning–three pages.  Long hand.  Have you done morning pages?  Do you find them an inspiration or jump-start to your day?  What do you think of Cameron’s book?  Or her follow-up, Vein of Gold?  I like the idea of the artists date.  Haven’t had one yet this week but it’s been a crazy week so far with the kids out of school with the swine flu scare.  I’m not sure I’ll fit it in but maybe I can get out to a museum or gallery next week?  Even my art class was cancelled tonight–all the community centers in town are closed for the week.  But we’ve been doing a lot of artsy things in-house–painting frames for mother’s day presents, and I drew and bound a book for my niece’s birthday.  I borrowed heavily from the work on the Duda Daze blog–check her out!  

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