Scene Summaries

I’m writing the scene summaries for the Elizabeth Ryan mystery that I’m working on and it’s my first time to break down in outline form an entire book before I’ve written a single word of the actual text.  In essence, I’m trying to have such a heavily organized outline from the get-go that the actual writing is easy.  

I thought I had the scenes wrapped up but the more I let the book percolate, the more I realize that I need to add.  It dawned on me today, for example, that I’m missing a major, major character.  I was so startled when it came to me that I had to sit down for a second.  I mean, how could I have left out such an important person in Elizabeth’s life?  He’s going to have a major impact on her over the next few years (ie. next few books and beyond) that it’s unimaginable that I had forgotten him in my initial planning stages.  

And that’s how the book process works, I think.  Much planning, then trial and error and then if we’re lucky, a little magic.  

Ever imagine what one of your favorite books might be like if the author had eliminated or forgotten to include a major character?  How might the story be different?

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