creating creativity?

Can you make yourself be more creative?  Lots of folks think so–

New Scientist has a brief bit this week about how to jump-start creativity.  The author–Alison Motluk–lists eight ways to do it:

1.  Embrace your inner grouch:It’s hard to stay upbeat when your penny-pinching bosses are counting paper clips and coffee grains, but here’s some good news: workplace discontent may just be a vast, untapped source of creativity.

2. Let your mind wander: A wandering mind may allow your brain to search more widely for connections that could trigger a “eureka” moment.

3.  Play the piano: Music may provide more than just a brief respite from life’s stresses – it may help you to think with both sides of your brain at once.

4. Colour your world blue: It may be nothing more than an association with big skies and the open seas, but beholding the colour blue makes you more creative.

5.  Seek out creative company: The best ideas are forged not in moments of solitary genius, but during exchanges with trusted colleagues.

6.  Live abroad: The idea that living abroad spurs creativity has been in the popular psyche for eons – and now science backs up the idea.

7.  Be more playful: When times get tough, many people turn serious, but some researchers believe that horsing around may be better in the long run than hunkering down.

8.  Raise a glass:  Many of the most creative pursuits – jazz, for instance, and poetry – are associated with heavy boozing, but can a dram or two really help?

OK:  I agree with all of these EXCEPT #8–talk about perpetuating a sterotype of the artist as a loser alcoholic!  But I think if I were to choose to act on the first seven, I’d go for #6 (and then be #7 while I’m doing number #6.)

One of my “do before I die” dreams is to go to Ballymaloe Cookery School.  MUST DO THIS!  I’m going to go and do the three month class and live there for an entire summer–SOON!  My family has already been warned of this possibility so it’s not like I’ll be springing it on them.  So my plan to spark creativity includes living in Ireland, studying at Ballymaloe, and being playful (with food, gardening, and all things Irish!)  I’m sure that will include a glass or two being raised but I’m a girl for moderation!  

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