5 things I’m grateful for today

I’ve got a nasty “summer” cold–think I got it from Emma since she’s still suffering from its effects.  I just feel lousy–lousy enough that I haven’t wanted to work or post in the last few days.  

So I’m making an effort to be happy despite the sniffles, sore throat, and clouded eyes.  

Five things I’m grateful for today:

1.  sunshine!  Oh so many days of rain but now we’ve had six continuous days of absolutely blissful, in the ’80s, high-pressure sunshine.  How wonderful!

2.  A good husband to spend time with.

3.  School is almost out!  Emma has one week and Ryan two.  Ah for a relaxation from the routine!

4.  Summer vacations!  Bring them on!  We’re finally talking about ours and will start to plan it out soon.

5.  Memorial Day.  A day off work.  A day to play, swim, and revel in the beginnings . . . . that blissful thought of long summer days ahead–even if as an adult, they aren’t quite as blissful as when I was 10.  Darn if work just doesn’t get in the way!  

What are you grateful for this weekend?  

Martha Gonzalez rose in bloom

Martha Gonzalez rose in bloom

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