update on new book: Sins of the Father

Ok, so I’ve become obsessed with the book I’m working on now–I’m calling it Sins of the Father.  It’s a mystery that stars an adjunct professor named Elizabeth Ryan.  I’ve already got the first three books in the series mapped out so to say the least, I’m pretty excited about this as a bigger project, beyond just the one book.  Here’s the basic premise–or what I might put on the book flap:  

         “A weathered skeleton has turned up in  John Rodriguez’s flowerbed, right in the middle of this Democratic star’s run for the TX state senate.  In an effort to keep the find low-key, Rodriguez calls in a favor and has historian Elizabeth Ryan check out the body—Rodriguez is convinced that it must be an “Indian burial.”  It’s immediately obvious to Ryan that the bones are not that old, and she becomes tangled in the hunt for the body’s identity.  Who was this woman and why was she buried in a flowerbed?  While trying to answer these questions, Ryan discovers a secret that threatens to destroy the senator’s career—a secret that at least one person is willing to commit murder to keep hidden.”

See why I’m so excited?  What an awesome story I have to tell.  Being a writer–being creative–is so awesome!  I just want to spend every waking moment working on this book but my real life keeps getting in the way.  

How do you all manage your creative life with the sheer routine of things?  Work (the work that pays the bills!), house, yard, kids, laundry, cooking, cleaning?  How do you make time for all the things that spark that passion in you?

I hope to get the book finished this summer and start shopping for an agent and a publisher.  Then it’s off on the next Elizabeth Ryan mystery.

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