I’ve got postcards! (and some fire king dishes)

Today was a UPS kinda day for me.  I got in a box of postcards I’d ordered with the cover of the Sacred Memories book on them.  I’ve already mailed out 60 to libraries where I did research letting them know that the book is finally available but there’s still lots of folks who may want to know about the book–or who might use the postcard-size cover as a bookmark.  If you want a postcard of the book cover, let me know!  I’m also happy to exchange books for book reviews on Amazon so let me know if you’re interested in that, too! 🙂  

But now to the real dirt . . . . I was wondering around on unknown blogs the other day and found a lady who collects fire king dishes.  They were gorgeous so I headed to ebay and found some for really cheap.  I put bids in on a couple of things, thinking I wouldn’t really get them and even if I did–THEY WERE REALLY CHEAP!  Well, you know what’s coming . . . I did win and they were cheap but the shipping was crazy expensive!  Who knew shipping dishes would be so much?!  Teach me to not check shipping before I bid.  I think I just got carried away in the excitement.  Anyway, the dishes are gorgeous.  They are nearly translucent in the light.  I’m kinda afraid to eat on them but will give it a go at breakfast tomorrow.  I think I’ll make omelets to test them out with.  

fire king dishes

fire king dishes

I just love it when there’s lots of GOOD mail!

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