pictures made for website, etc.

I’ve been MIA for a week.  We’ve had a death in our family and everything has been redirected to that and to catching up afterward.  It’s a lot like when you’re really sick and emerge from the haze–whole days have passed and you’ve no recollection of them.  Almost as if the world had ceased to exist.  

One of the appointments that was rescheduled was a photographic session.  I’d emailed Robin Gansle, a local photographer, to get her to do some headshots for me for the website, press kits, etc.  Should I say back of the book cover?  😉

Anyway, I got those made on Thursday and here’s a sample:


Kelly -- Photo by Robin Gansle

Kelly -- Photo by Robin Gansle

We did them on the courthouse square here in Denton.  They turned out well, I think.  Though I would like to have been thinner!  But that’s a dieting story for another post.  

This is the first time I’ve had photos made professionally in a long time.  It felt totally indulgent!

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