Germantown Commissary, Memphis, TN

On our recent trip to Bonnarroo, we stopped in at the Germantown Commissary outside of Memphis.  The name was a little suspect but ratings on urbanspoon through my iphone were through the roof and boy, do those people know what they are talking about!  This was some sensational barbeque!  So good I brought home 2 jars of their sauce–one hot and one mild.  Wanted to share that goodness with my folks.  

I took some pictures onsite but they were wiped out when my iphone froze up so all I’ve got is a picture taken from their website.  

Germantown Commissary

Germantown Commissary

If you’re headed that way, definitely look this place up.  In addition to the good eats, the community is amazing–having preserved some of their best historical buildings and houses, particularly churches, and set them off with smart landscaping.  

And don’t forget the banana pudding.  The pudding alone is worth the drive–and I don’t even normally like banana pudding!  

Be prepared for a wait.  It’s a small dining area and a LOT of hungry people.  But it looked like they do a brisk take-out, too, so if you’re in a hurry, you can run in with an order and be out the door in a few minutes.  This is a good one–

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