looking for a place to eat in San Antonio?

If you’re tapped into the “foodie” scene at all  you’ve been hearing about Los Barrios, a Mexican restaurant tucked off the main tourist route back in a working-class neighborhood at 4223 Blanco Rd., San Antonio.  Featured in last month’s Martha Stewart’s Living magazine and all the guidebooks on Texas, Los Barrios is a gem of a Tex-Mex diner.  


Los Barios

Los Barios

We had to use the IPhone maps ap to find the place but it was worth it.  J had enchiladas, raving about the chili sauce.  Emma had cheese enchiladas but anything with cheese makes her happy.  I had the “ladies special,” which was supposed to be their “lighter” dish.  It consisted of a taco and chalupa, guac, and rice.  It was a bean chalupa and I could have just made a meal of the beans.  Wow, were they good.  

I’ve seen their cookbook on a few sites, so now that I’ve eaten at their joint, I’ll have to check it out from the library and try a few of the recipes.  I’m hoping that they have included the beans–they were dynamite.  If you’ve tried Los Barrios–weigh in your thoughts.  And if you’ve got the cookbook, let us know how the recipes taste.

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