Brownsville Talk and Book Signing

Made the news!  Well, the Brownsville Herald newspaper, anyway.  I had my talk and book signing Sunday in Brownsville at the Old City Cemetery Center, and then I took a tour of the old cemetery, which was led by local historian Jim Mills.  He’s awesome and knows a great deal about Brownsville history.  He teaches at UT Brownsville and seems like a great guy.

The talk went well.  Those who attended asked fantastic questions!  I had some trouble when I arrived, though.  They’d forgotten that I needed a projector and I’d brought a Mac so we had to run out and by a convertor to hook up the projector after the historical society folks had run out and gotten it!  In all the confusion, I managed to hit my head and it was still bleeding when I started my talk.  And since my hair is really blonde, you could see the streaks of red blood in it.  I don’t think anyone noticed but my children.  Ah well, the show must go on!

So the cemetery is totally cool.  If you’re in Brownsville, swing by–it’s not far from the zoo–and check it out.  folks are buried there starting around the 1850s and there’s a paupers area, in addition to one roped off for masons.

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