Being at home

Sometimes there’s just nothing better for creativity than being at home, especially after a long absence.  I love to travel but I also love to spend time at home just digging into some creative work.  I feel energized and refreshed by my travels but it’s being at home that really brings out the work.  The two seem to work hand-in-hand for me.  I need to leave to get new ideas and to get motivated but then I need to be at home to get things done.  

I’ve been back a couple of days from an eight day stint away.  It’s so good to be back into a routine and working again!  I’ve made huge progress on Sins of the Father today, despite having spent the bulk of my day at my paying gig.  

How does travel/home work for your creativity?

4 thoughts on “Being at home

  1. As I have heard many people say: “It is never a good idea to think within your own head”. What it means is that in order to generate creativity and revive your thoughts, it is a good idea to get out and travel.

    Being a designer I constantly love to visit new places and find inspiration. However the real work, as you stated, doesn’t really take off until I come back home.


    By the way, I enjoy the blog and website! I’ll keep an eye out on the blog to keep tabs on the progression of your new book.

    – J.P.

  2. Hey–thanks! I’ve been so busy with household chores and children tonight that I’ve not gotten anything done on the book. now it’s 9:30 and I’m pooped. I want to write but I so need sleep! Ah for carefree days . . . .

  3. Full of ideas & creative energy since returning from a 3 wk trip a few weeks ago. Thought it was pent up creativity, if that exists, but more likely, all of the “new” experiences swirling around my brain!

    I’m so enjoying your writing blog, I like your style!

    • Hi Tammy,
      I definitely agree with this idea of pent-up creativity. I was feeling really sick, frustrated, and down in the spring and realized finally it was because I was desperately needing creativity in my life. It was like I was walking around in black and white and I NEEDED COLOR!

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