One Year to a Writing Life

I’ve been reading Susan M. Tiberghien’s book, “One Year to a Writing Life,” and I thought I’d share the 12 lessons in it with everyone–just in case you haven’t seen this book and are short on reading time this summer (there’s so many good things out right now!)

One Year to a Writing Life--Susan M. Tiberghien

One Year to a Writing Life--Susan M. Tiberghien



Lesson 1:  I know this is going to come as a big surprise to all of you who have read heavily into the writing craft literature but lesson 1 is:  Journal Writing.  

Not a revelation but still a good reminder.  As Tiberghien says right away, “To write well takes practice.  Your daily life calls you in a thousand directions; journal writing centers you.  You slow down and write.  you learn to look anew at the world around you.”  

Some general tips for journaling?  (some of these are gleaned from Tiberghien while others come from additional sources):

  • journal regularly
  • make the journaling pleasurable, even if this means you need to create a ritual to get you kick-started
  • make this your quiet time–free of family, work, or other obligations (and thoughts of obligations)
  • have fun with journaling–this isn’t a chore!
  • Use the results to fuel your other creative activities
  • learn more about yourself through your journaling

I’ll post on each of the lessons over the coming weeks.  In the meantime, you can learn more about Tiberghien on her website.

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