Reggae on the River

A very quick drive to Humboldt County allowed us to attend the Reggae on the River festival.  Just a one-day celebration this year, we saw some good roots reggae and the fire of Tanya Stephens.  And let me tell you, that girl rocks!  

So what kind of people go to a reggae festival?  I can sum that up in one word:  HIPPIES.  I’ve not seen that much pit/leg hair on women ever.  I was just fascinated by this!  I’m not sure why–sort of the same thing that happens when you drive by a really bad accident.  You don’t want to look but you can’t stop looking.  Wow.  I felt SO conservative with my mostly shaved legs (ok, there was stubble but just normal girl stubble) and totally shaved pits.  PLUS, I had on real clothes and a full swim suit.  But despite my not looking like a hippie, I totally loved the music.  And since I’m married to a hippie, that must put me close enough to qualify.  Besides, hippies are about love and acceptance and they seemed fine with my looking square.  

Lots and lots to post but this is the first chance I’ve had.  I’ll try and catch up this week but no promises!  I may not get back on track until we’re back in TX.  


Tanya Stephens and some unknown reggae fans!

Tanya Stephens and some unknown reggae fans!

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