a writer’s inspiration?

What brings you inspiration?  There are days when I wonder–“Am I really cut out to be a writer?”  (by this I mean, a writer who can earn her entire living from writing).  

Then bam–something happens that makes me think–“yes, I’m a writer.  I may not be earning all my living from this right now but this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life.”  

I had one of those moments–ok, it was actually a couple of hours–on this trip.  I’m taking my turn at the wheel, driving across endless flat plains when I had an entire plot line come to me for a new book.  It came whole–even the character’s names.  I thought it through, worked out a few kinks and details and knew I was on to something.  Even though I was driving, I had to get it down so I whipped over, switched places with J and started writing.  I knew that if I left it in my brain, it would go out with so many other good ideas. 

This is great–it’s good to get a good idea.  But even better, it left me knowing with certainty that what I am is a storyteller.  I’m a writer, and I have all these people and stories inside of me that are bursting to get out.  Just knowing this inspires me.  How about you?  Have you had a moment like this?  When you knew exactly where you were headed in life?

3 thoughts on “a writer’s inspiration?

  1. Great post. I can relate to it word for word, as I’m sure many can. Road trips are a prime source for inspiration.

    I live in remote Alaska and my wife and I have made several road trips from here, through Canada, and across the lower 48 coast to coast. Of all the routes we’ve taken it’s impossible to say which is best. They’re all the best.

    New ideas pop up from mile to mile. There’s always a new plot just over the next mountain or hill. A different twist around a bend. You can see an entire story when you see the road and landscape for miles on end. The people you come across become your characters. Weather, day, and nightime provide for tone. The palette is endless.

    Do I sound sappy?

    We are so programmed to multitask in our digital high paced lives. It’s a side effect of the computer age. But, get in a car away from the hoopla, shut the cell phone off, hit the road, and it seems your daily suppressed creative side has a chance to surface.

    Just my humble opinion, but it works for me.

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