man, what a day!

First day back at work and I knew it would be tough but I had no idea it could possibly be so bad.  I had resolved myself this morning that I would go and put my head down and stop complaining.  Because, of course, the book-in-progress is not doing anything to help pay the mortgage.  But by 10:30, I was ready to run out the door crying.

Man.  Why can’t creativity just pay so that all of us creative types could just go do our thing AND still pay the mortgage?  Why doesn’t society value art, literature, music?  It’s so depressing to spend your days doing things just so you can pay the bills  (because while living on someone’s couch seems doable at 20 it ain’t so appealing at 40–and living with mom and dad is NOT an option).  So, I’ve come home and will work on my stuff tonight till the ‘wee hours.  But then I’ll be back at the desk again tomorrow.  Giving my time to someone else in trade for money.  

Man, why can’t they just pay us to do our thing???

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