Letters from Yellowstone–interesting book, interesting format

I found this book while browsing in the Old Faithful Inn giftshop in Yellowstone.  It attracted me because it’s about a woman botanist who joins a science expedition in Yellowstone in 1898 and while a work of fiction, there is much fact laced into the storyline.  It’s a good read.

letters from yellowstone

letters from yellowstone

I was especially intrigued by the style, genre, not sure what you’d call it.  The entire book was written in letters, with a few telegraph print-outs interspersed.  It worked well, in this case, with each letter illustrating the first-person point of view of a main character.  It was interesting to see how one person interpreted an event so differently than the next.  And true to life.

I like to read books about the places that I’m visiting.  Gives me a real sense of connection and this one certainly did.  If you’re planning a visit to the park soon or have been there recently, check out Diane Smith’s Letters from Yellowstone. You won’t regret it!

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