One Year to a Writing Life–Lesson #5

Dreams and Writing–Now things are going to get interesting:

Tiberghien suggests that we should write from our dreams because “the world of the unconscious is where the language is imagery, where our senses are enlivened and our imagination enriched.”  She said that she has found that dreams “opened the door–a little crack–to something deep with me, not only to my own unconscious but to a deeper collective unconscious.”

I don’t think that this is news to anyone who has been writing or doing any creative work for any length of time.  Napping, walking, or engaging in any manner of physical but mind-easy task seems to free the mind from its obsessiveness and allow it to roam freely over blocks, bumps, or gorges.  

Brenda Ueland in If You Want to Write refers to this kind of slight-of-hand working as “moodling:” the long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.”  So next time your blocked, take a long walk, draw a picture, wash the dishes, or fold the clothes.  Let your mind wander and see if it will solve your writing dilemma!

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