update on “Sins of the Father”–A Mystery

Some folks who know I’ve been writing this book have been asking–“how is it going?”

Well . . . I’ve got extensive scene summaries and notes, point-of-view, etc. all on the same outline.  I feel like I’ve found all the huge gaping holes (all this in line with the book I’m using as reference–Karen Wiesner’s First Draft in 30 Days). 

Now I’m down to the actual writing.  AHHHHHHHHH.  Run, run, scream, scream!!!!  It’s so easy to do the busy work:  research, note-taking, organizing, moving scenes around, adding people, subtracting people, etc.  I’ve even drawn out a scaled map of the entire town–both in 2008 and in 1938.  I know where everyone lives, where every building that figures into the story line sits, and how they relate to each other spatially–through time! 

But now all I have left is the scary part.  And I’m thinking I need to get going on it tonight after work.  I mean, there’s only so much rearranging I can do.  But I keep telling myself that I need to block off a serious amount of time and quiet to start writing.  That’s just a delaying tactic out of fear.  If I never actually write, I never can fail.  But I really want to write this book–so here goes and making this promise to you all–

I’m going to write the first page tonight.  I’ll update you tomorrow on how courageous I’ve been–

2 thoughts on “update on “Sins of the Father”–A Mystery

  1. I have this very same problem ALL the time, so I completely understand. I’m an obsessive researcher and planner. I always convince myself to “read just one more book” or “research just one more topic” before I actually try to write the novel. What I end up with is piles and piles of notes and no novel. Let me know if you ever figure out some tricks to stop the panic that arises when it comes time to right.

    • I’m actually in the middle of this panic right now! I’ve spent about 20 minutes looking at novel templates just so I can avoid actually starting to write. How to start? This is a ridiculous question because I’ve conceptualized the opening a dozen different times in my head. I know HOW this thing starts. I just don’t feel confident that the words will come out on the page like they “sound” in my head!

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