I’m off . . . conquering the fear of the blank page

ok, here’ sthe update and it affirms what I’ve always heard–make yourself accountable to someone else and you’re more likely to do it–

I knew I had to report my progress today, and I wanted to be able to honestly say that I’d started writing.  I DID!  I was so afraid of that damned blank page but I did it.  I thought, “what difference does it make?  I can throw it away later–”

So I started writing at 9:30 last night after the little one was in bed and looked up at what I thought I was a few minutes later.  Nope–an hour had passed.  I was totally in the zone.  I wrote 3 pages, and I felt so excited!  I’m off.  The actual writing has finally begun.  The blank-page fear has passed (for now!)

You all know what I mean?

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