the connection between creativity and community

So I have a friend and she popped in this morning super excited about this group she’d shadowed.  The group–a dozen women–have been meeting every Friday morning for 13 years, connecting with each other about their lives but also to do good in the larger world.

My friend is passionate about this idea of creativity and community, and she’s been gathering information, observations, and data for years now.  I find her stories fascinating, and I think others would, too.  She has a blog where she’s been putting ideas into practice–check it out:

I’m encouraging her to try and put these ideas down on paper–as a book or as something!  What do you all think?  Are you interested in this point of contact between creativity and community?

On another note, I LOVE having friends like this whose whole beings glow when they talk about their passions.  It’s affirming–we should all be doing what we love!

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