I can write better than that!

Have you ever read a book and thought–“I can so write better than that!”  Well, I just finished a mystery by a Scottish author that I found while browsing through Powell’s in Portland.  It was ok–not bad–good enough that I stuck with it and finished it (that’s another story for a bit. . .).

Anyway–I finished it last night and thought, “I can so write a better story than that.”  Have you been there?  Is that how every published author feels?  Just because I can write better, will I ever do it?  How DID these people get published and sold?! 


on the “I did finish it” part:  the older I get the choosier I am about what I read.  If a book sucks, I just put it down.  I no longer feel compelled to finish it just because I started it.  And it doesn’t matter if I’ve read five pager or fifty.  Life is short.  I refuse to read boring text!

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