Writing Tales: Folk, Fairy, and Contemporary–One Year to a Writing Life Lesson #7

Tiberghien argues that “fairy tales are expressions of a personal quest to achieve deeper awareness.  They are stories that illustrate our impulse toward a greater level of consciousness.  You listen to them as you listen to your dreams.  You befriend them, amplify their themes, enter into them, and act out their characters.”  

I think that there’s much in the folk or fairy tale that overlaps with the mythic hero.  It’s the same principle.  

Fairy tales contain three basic parts:

  • something happens to a character that creates a need, desire, or goal
  • then the character pursues the need (desire, goal) and meets and struggles with an adversary
  • then the character is transformed

In short, no matter if you’re writing a fairy tale for children or a graphic novel for adults, your story trajectory will remain the same:  character, goal, action, resolution.  

I think we’re beginning to see a trend here folks–good writing is just good writing (good storytelling is just good storytelling) no matter what the genre!

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