Letting ourselves go in our Writing

Do you censor yourself when you write?  Think that you can’t say exactly what’s on your mind because you’ll offend someone?  Listen to that nagging motherly voice that says “don’t say that, it’s not appropriate.  It might offend someone?”

Why do we DO this???

I know I do!  But I’m working hard to get over this kind of self-censoring.  Doing it makes my writing stilted and unrealistic.  It makes me feel like I’m wearing a straight-jacket.

I was writing a report yesterday for work.  I knew that I should be upbeat and optimistic–essentially lie about what’s been going on with this grant that I’m working on.  But I just couldn’t do it.  Why perpetuate the myth that everything is dandy?  There’s this huge audience that’s hated the work I’ve done because it threatens the status quo.  The people who are giving me the money to do the work know this–so why lie in the official document I’m creating, pretending that this isn’t the reality of the situation?

I decided not to lie but to let loose with my frustrations and furies.  Now I may go back and edit it after it’s sat for a few days, making sure that it’s just not me bitching but rather that the report is an accurate portrayal of the problems one faces when one goes against the status quo in higher education.

BUT it was so freeing to just write what was on my mind.  It flowed.

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