Do you get your best ideas when you’re driving?

A while ago I wrote a blog about how I was hit with this great book idea while we were driving through the desert.  I felt blessed that this idea hit me fully formed.

This afternoon I was reading Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write and she was talking about how some of her best ideas come to her when she’s driving.  She said, “artists, artists of all stripes, devour images in order to produce.”  Essentially images catalyze creativity.  The scenes that speed past our car windows are the ultimate in images–varying and changing every few seconds.  

So I’m not the only one who has great thoughts while driving (or riding in the car).  Not that I thought that this was original to me but it was reassuring to hear someone else trying to make sense of the phenomenon.  How about you?  Great thoughts in the car?  Is it good thinking time for you?

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