Finding the Unexpected

I took my daughter and two of her friends to our local used bookstore.  I told them that they could each pick out 1 book.  Off they went to the children’s area, which freed me to go downstairs to the basement to the cookbook section.

I rounded the corner and nearly ran into this giant man.  He was tall–very tall–in a treelike way.  Thick and heavy and if I had ran into him, he wouldn’t have likely even swayed.

His head was shaved and he was wearing a leather vest.  He had on a ratty t-shirt and tattoes all over his arms and neck.  He looked mean–in that motorcycle-riding, beer-chugging kind of way.  But he must be a teddy bear–or a foodie–because he was browsing the cookbooks.  But not even the straight up recipe ones.  He was going through the food history, lore, and writing shelf.  Only serious foodies read that stuff.

How totally unexpected.  I was charmed! That guy is going to be a character in one of my books sometime.  I love this idea of a motor-cycle riding, tattoed tough-guy who loves to cook!

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