The Writing Behind Julie and Julia: The First Person Memoir

Since I’ve already mentioned the Julie and Julia project twice, it seems to make sense to continue the conversation.  I read this review yesterday on the Christian Science Monitor’s blog, Chapter and Verse.

Author Kelly Nuxoll takes aim at a Time reviewer’s comments about the Julie and Julia movie and memoirs in general, arguing that good first person writing is like any other good writing–it illuminates humanity and makes an experience understandable and universal.

Nuxoll concludes with:

“The trouble comes when the form seems contrived, the character unappealing, or the writing uninspiring—which, I confess, was my reaction to the book “Julie and Julia.” But these are criticisms that would stand for any work of literature. First-person writing doesn’t warrant any special criteria or disdain simply because it uses the self as a vehicle for narration or reflection. Especially in this era of blogs, self-publishing, and true-life best sellers, the more we can hold all writing to an expectation of excellence the better rewarded we the audience is likely to be.”

Anyone care to weigh in on this conversation?

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