What’s your dream?

I was watching a preview for the new Ken Burn’s documentary on America’s national parks and was struck by one of the comments made from an individual being featured.  This gal visited America’s western national parks in the 1910s and 1920s and spent all year planning and dreaming about these adventures.  She said that during this time, she didn’t “forget to live.”  

This is an interesting idea and I think it’s true.  So much of our “living” isn’t really living.  Oh, we’re earning a living, paying our bills, going through the motions of life but we aren’t actually LIVING.  

How could we be truly, deeply living?  Engage in our dreams.  What do you dream of doing?  Why wait?  Why not do it today?

I met a gal Saturday who is opening her own restaurant this winter.  She said that she’s always wanted to do this but just assumed she’d have to wait until she was old.  Then one day she thought, “why wait until I’m old?”  

Why wait, putting off our dreams for some idealized “perfect” time or setting?  If you can dream it today, you can do it today.

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