4 Steps to Increasing Creativity

Recent research has shown ways in which we can increase creativity.  Others have elaborated on this in a far more scientific and authoritative way than I, so I’ll let them speak for themselves but just as a quick bite, here are four ways to increase creativity:

1.  travel to faraway places (or even just think about a distant location)

2.  think about the distant future

3.  communicate with people who are dissimilar to ourselves

4.  consider unlikely alternatives to reality

Learn more by reading this blog at Integral Options.

I’ve been engaging in some creativity-increasement this morning!  (like that’s a word–but how creative of me to invent it.)  I was reading in this month’s Eating Well about Prince Edward’s Island.  I so want to go–  But just thinking about it sparked all these related thoughts about walking along the beach, then painting, maybe, or collecting seashells and creating a collage.  These are the kinds of things that bring excitement to my otherwise dull day–just thinking about doing these things made me feel better, more alive, and more creative.

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