favorite writer’s blogs–

Do you have a favorite writer who writes a blog?  I’ve wondered about writers and blogs for a while–how much time does a writer devote to a blog when they are producing other “stuff?”  Does a blog help with that or hinder the process?  Why do writers blog?

Here’s two blogs by writers that I’ve found:

ceci n’est pas une cuisine

Amy Sue Nathan

What seems to be more prolific are blogs FOR writers (not by writers).  Check out this liss of 22 indespensible blogs for writers.

5 thoughts on “favorite writer’s blogs–

      • Hi Kelly,

        Tag Surfer is a feature in the WordPress toolbox – Dashboard, top left hand box, scroll down>> Tag Surfer, click through, then put in box a tag eg in my case, I put in Writers’ Blogs – WordPress will then pull down for you a range of blogs which respond to that tag. It’s very useful, and is how I found you and your great list of 22 writers’ blogs, for which thanks. Another of my themes is astrology ( NOT the sun sign stuff) and I have found some quality sites that way. Cosmology is another tag I use – you can put in anything you like which corresponds to your interests. Try it! Let me know how you get on.

        Glad you liked ‘That Toad, Writing.’

        Anne – who hails from those very Hebrides you visited….

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