One Year to the Writing Life–Lesson #12: Writing the Way Home

This is our final installment in the Tiberghien’s One Year to a Writing Life book.  Woohoo!  Lots of good lessons we’ve gleaned from the book that will apply in countless ways in our writing.

In this last chapter, Tiberghien stresses the importance of writing to “home”–home being that centered place, whether it’s an actual physical location or just a state of mind.

She uses the labyrinth as a metaphor for life, for the writing life, and for the journey we must all take to growth and development.  She argues that there are three stages to walking a labyrinth:

  • releasing:  a letting go of thoughts and distractions as we walk to the center
  • receiving:  a centering as we reach the center and stay for a while
  • returning: a leaving along the same path but with a revived spirt

Our writing often follows this same labyrinth–we must start, heading in directions unknown and not foreseeable but with confidence that we will hit a center mark–a point of flow–where the writing will hum.  Then we will work our way back out, toward the end of the piece.

I see this as an ideal, a journey that both writers and characters make as they change.  It’s also what keeps the writing life exciting.

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