one of those days . . . But food52 made it better . . .

Wow.  It’s 10:00 pm and I’ve been working straight through.  I’m so swamped with work–report writing, sorting through class stuff, getting things coordinated, listening to folks who have problems, attempting to solve those problems, mediating between people and groups who have problems.  AHHHH!!!!

I kept drifting off thinking that I’d rather be doing anything–and I really think I meant that at times–anything than what I was actually doing today.

The highlight of the whole day was that I got a paperless invitation from Amanda Hesser’s new site and cookbook, food52.  Something to look forward to.  If you decide you want to take part, then they’ll send you this nifty survey with all kinds of good foodie questions like favorite meals, least favorite celebrity chef, and favorite piece of kitchen equipment.  As cool as this is, you know it’s been a pathetic day when this is the HIGHLIGHT of the past 14 or so hours.

So if you’re not familiar with food52 here’s some info that I’ve shamelessly plagiarized directly from a site called Serious Eats–I’m citing you all, so I’m not actually trying to pass this off as mine:

“In May, there was a blip on the radar that former New York Times Magazine food editor (and current Recipe Redux contributor) Amanda Hesser—along with food writer and recipe-tester Merrill Stubbs—would be launching a new site called Food 52.

Looks like they’re beta-testing now—and that you can sign up for an invitation once it launches:

But what really caught our eye today is that Hesser and Stubbs seem to have quietly started uploading to a Vimeo account, which is full of what appear to be test videos—along with a couple great nuggets: an introduction to the Food 52 concept, and avideo tour of Amanda Hesser’s envy-inducing kitchen—complete with the now-customary refrigerator-baring.”

Go to the site and watch the videos.  It’ll make you want to join the process, too!

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