Post by author of the Lost Recipe for Happiness on the Julie/Julia Project

I read Barbara O’Neal’s blog about her experience cooking with Julia via the Julie/Julia project and nearly wept.  There’s such passion and so much of her hurt unveiled in this short piece about how cooking with Julia helped her heal after a painful experience.

I’m listening to Julia’s biography now–My Life in France–and it’s so delightful.  I’ve only attempted a few of the recipes in Mastering the Art but all this Julia lately has made me want to pull out the books again and see what I can manage.  I think I’ll wait until fall has settled in, though, because the thought of turning on the oven for too long of a period is still overwhelming.  September in Texas can be as ghastly as August.  It rained  yesterday and looks like it will rain again today.  I’m glad of it but with the holiday weekend, I’m sure others were hoping for warmth and blue skies.

How many folks out there have found solace in cooking?  In cooking with Julia?  In books?

My Life in France

My Life in France

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