clearing the way to write

I’ve had a half dozen niggly home repairs hanging over my head for a while now.  They aren’t crucial–just inconvenient.  But the pressure of them hanging out there undone has left me exhausted and stressed.  I made a list of them on Friday and figured out what I had to pick up at the hardware store to get ’em done.  Then I shopped and  knocked out all but the two biggest jobs yesterday afternoon.  Wow–did I feel good afterward.  Such a sense of accomplishment, and I felt so much freer afterward, like I had more space in my life.

Afterward I cooked dinner, took a walk, and sat down and wrote for two hours on Sins of the Father.  Not only did I still have time to write after finishing all these chores but my head felt clear enough to do so.  It was like I had cleared out all the negativity I’d been using to resist doing the chores and space and time was left behind.

I’m going to get started on the two big jobs today and hope to get them wrapped up by tomorrow.  Having the three day weekend has made it possible.  I can do the chores without killing myself and without resenting the fact that I’m eating up my entire weekend working.

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