Dan Brown’s the Lost Symbol getting a lot of press

I guess it’s inevitable–sort of the Harry Potter phenomena for grown-ups–but Dan Brown’s new book the Lost Symbol has been getting a lot of press.  I’ve not read it but I have been reading reviews, and they aren’t good.  You’d think that someone who supposedly writes so badly wouldn’t be published or read but read he will be—and money he will make.

I haven’t read the Lost Symbol yet, but I expect I will eventually.  I read the DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons–both heavily plot driven but that’s what I was expecting, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I don’t think Brown has ever said he was aspiring for a Pulitzer, just the creation of a good read that sells.  Seems like he’s achieved his goal.  He is writing full-time, after all, more than I can say for myself; more than most of us can say.

So how do you weigh in?  Better to write books that sell but aren’t written well or to write a masterpiece that only a handful of people ever read?

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