Dan Brown responds to critics

I found this interview by EW with Dan Brown–

I think he’s right.  People are just jealous because he’s made BIG time money from his handful of books.  If he’s such a bad writer, why do people read him?  Maybe it does say something about the state of American intelligence but I’m for ANY book that gets people reading.  Any–ALL–reading is a good thing!

check out the Dan Brown interview–

excerpt from the interview:

With all the hoopla surrounding the publication of The Lost Symbol, do you miss that sensation of being newly discovered?

Now there’s enormous anticipation, enormous expectation. If the book weren’t good I’d be terrified. There’s so many critics who complain that I’m not William Shakespeare or William Faulkner or whoever it is. That’s exactly the point. They’re right. I write books in a very specific and intentional way, blending fact and fiction, writing in a very modern, efficient style that just serves the story. Some people understand what I’m doing and other people should just go read somebody else.

2 thoughts on “Dan Brown responds to critics

  1. I fail to see what is so wrong with Dan Brown’s writing, and Stephanie Mayer for that matter. On the latter, I’ve had only the privy of two chapters of Twilight before seeing the movie, thus killing my motivation for completing it.

    What I’ve noticed, above all else, is they both have a good story. And, in my opinion, a good story marginally written, is better than a dull story expertly written.

  2. Agreed! I couldn’t put the Da Vinci Code down. Seriously. It was a marathon. I didn’t notice the writing one way or the other–I just enjoyed the story and the fast paced drama involved.

    I bought Lost Symbol yesterday and haven’t started it yet because I’m afraid I won’t be able to put it down. I’ve got housework to do!

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