Do you change because you travel?

There’s a discussion ongoing at Travel Planet about whether travel changes a person.  I’m on the side of yes–travel changes me–sort of.  I mean it changes my perception of me, re-acquaints me with me and makes me look closely at myself in ways that I don’t have time–or don’t take the time–to do when I’m at home in my normal routine.  Travel gives me time to reflect and look at the bigger picture of my life.  What’s important to me?  Am I heading in that direction?  In this sense, travel energizes and refreshes me and helps to nudge me back onto the right path.

How about you?  What impact has travel had on you?

One thought on “Do you change because you travel?

  1. Travel has always been much too busy and exciting for me so time to reflect and look at a bigger picture in life would be too time consuming. I feel that traveling is more a time to, yes get out of routine, but also just to keep you off the right path for the temporary purpose of having a little fun, then after the traveling you slot right back into routine.

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