Can painting relieve stress?

You betcha!  I had another one of those days at the office, but I’m taking an acrylics painting class once a week and thank god it coincided with the bad day.  I just couldn’t shake the political quagmire of work–until I went to art class, picked up my paper plate palette and started painting.  My whole mind and body became absorbed and POOF, the stress of work disappeared.  I was lost in painting and while I paint quite badly, it matters little.  Just the act of creation is so absorbing that all else disappears for a while and when the real world reasserts itself, priorities have realigned and all that bad stuff doesn’t seem so relevant.  Want to see my painting so far?

Kelly's still life

Kelly's still life

7 thoughts on “Can painting relieve stress?

  1. Just happened to pop in to read a few of your posts. I enjoy painting, too, and can relate very well to how stress-relieving it is. My problem is that once I start I don’t want to stop, and everything else gets left undone until the painting is finished! As a result, I haven’t started anything lately because I’m trying to stay focused on my writing. You’ve picked an appropriate subject to paint and made a very nice start. Sunflowers are such cheery flowers. I hope you’ll post the completed canvas, too.

  2. Hi Kelly! My husband went to college with you( Chris Faulkner) and while he still holds the passion for history, both writing and drawing fall under my personal ” can’t never let go of ” list. There’s something about painting that allows one to step out of the world’s craziness and get to explore things about himself/herself that he/she sometimes is completely unaware of. I loved this moments and I miss being able to do it once again( my lil’ 2 year old girl just keeps me way to busy :).
    Anyway, I just would like to respectfully disagree with you as on where your painting skills stand; Your did great on the sunflowers. Keep on with with the good job!

  3. Hi Kelly! I remember Chris wrote you +- after we got married (three years ago). He was very glad for being able to get in touch with you again!

    We liked your website a lot! I love writing but I haven’t blogged anything in a long time.

    As on drawing I posted one of my old artwork things ( I had it done for a friend who was re-writing a story we both obssessed over in our childhood, silly girls!) in one of my blogs. In case you feel like taking a look at both blogs:

    All my best,

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