This is Austin City Limits 2009

I haven’t posted over the weekend because I was lost in the quagmire that was ACL.  Think I’m kidding?  This was ACL 2009:

my mud covered feet

my mud covered feet

In an effort to reverse last years dust-storm, the leaders of ACL arranged for about a 3 inch down pour ALL day Saturday leaving not a trace of dust in sight.  Instead, Zilker park was a HUGE mud bath.  There was much conversation going around about what was worse:  dust so thick you couldn’t breathe or mud so thick you couldn’t walk.  It’s a toss up.  But J said that at least he wasn’t sneezing like crazy this year.  Again there were a lack of port-o-potties.  Come on guys–just bring ’em in from all over the state and at least double the number next year.  And clean them out during the day, too, don’t just wait until after 10.  They should put me in charge!  🙂

BUT–the absolute highlight of the festival was Michael Franti and Spearhead.  HE ROCKS!!!!



I know the picture stinks but I used my iphone.  There’s no way I’m carrying around our big camera in addition to a backpack and chair.  But back to Spearhead–what an awesome show.  I saw him at the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas before it closed, and he’s good in an indoor venue but he rocks a festival.  I didn’t stop jumping/dancing/singing for an hour.  There’s just no time to stop he’s so intense.  The whole thing was amazing.

I also loved, loved, loved K’Naan, but I’ve liked his stuff for a while–just hadn’t seen him live. Raul Malo was so sexy, as usual.  He’s really good live. Mos Def rocked.  What a hottie.   And the big surprise for the weekend was some band called DeVotchka.  Never heard of them but they, too, were amazing!  If you didn’t make it out to ACL–check out their website for some tunes.  If you did, let me know how you made the mud!

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