Painting as Therapy

As promised, I’ve got an update on the progress of my painting.  I’m close to being done now–just a few things left to fiddle with in class next Tuesday night.  Our teacher has set up another still life but I’m going to take in a photo and see if she’ll let me do a landscape.  I’m much more likely to do a landscape in the future than a still life!

We talked about how painting is a form of therapy in class this week. Several of us agreed that it is totally engaging–when you’re painting, all else melts away.  You’re totally into forming the shapes, working on the brush strokes, and capturing emotion on the canvas.  My work day wasn’t so bad yesterday but I had all kinds of kid oriented errands to run, mainly just picking up, dropping off, etc.  Plus groceries to buy, dinner to cook, and the stress of knowing what was coming today at work (which was rough).  The time painting let me escape all that.  I think it helps that it’s away from my house.  I’m not sure it would have the same effect if I was sitting in a corner of my kitchen painting.  For painting to be therapy or stress relief, you almost need a space dedicated to it where the noise of “real” life can be eliminated–like a dedicated space, studio, or in my case right now–an art class.  So here’s the painting so far . . .

Kelly's Painting, part 2

Kelly's Painting, part 2

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