Attack of the Swine Flu

Yes, it’s true.  Both children.  Same time.  Woo.  Thank goodness they are on the mend now!  By the time they started feeling better cabin-fever set in and that wasn’t helped by the constant rainy weather we’re having.  How can I say–“go outside and piddle in the yard” in good conscience when they’ve been hacking up a lung?

Being sick stinks. Having sick children is worse, especially when they come in pairs.  Others of you out there barely hanging on because you’ve had silk little ones about?

One thought on “Attack of the Swine Flu

  1. Hope your lil’ ones are doing better. We did have a scare with Caroline about 2 weeks ago, accute asthma episode. She grabbed the nebulizer mask herself when at the doc’s office… Being only 2 yrs old, it gives one a pretty good idea of how ill she was feeling.

    She’s now better and all ove the place. Not ready for anything similar anytime soon.

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