Letting my Light Shine: A Challenge to You

I’ve been wanting to try yoga for a very long time but just couldn’t figure out when to work it into my schedule.  I stopped trying to figure it out and just did it.  Today.  For the first time.  I went to a “gentle” class and the instructor was a little perplexed as to why I chose the “gentle” class.  I don’t have any physical challenges, am relatively healthy, and am still pretty youngish.  😉

But I found the class perfect for me.  I was nervous about going and trying something new but everyone was kind to me and accepted me into their fold.  The instructor started by talking about the full moon and how it appears to shine a light but in fact is only reflecting a light.  She compared this to our own lives where some days we shine brightly while other days it’s a struggle to have any kind of burn going.  On those days, it’s our job to reflect someone else’s’ light.

I have some pretty amazing friends who are doing some amazing things and I want to reflect their light to you today.

One of my friends has an amazingly deep heart.  She recently rescued three cats, one of which was pregnant.  Ends up, one was really sick and has died now.  The pregnant one gave birth to four kittens, one of which died the first week and another has already had to have an eye removed due to an infection.  Despite these tragedies, she’s hung in there, provided these animals with a good home and good medical care, regardless of the financial cost.  What an amazing person to have as a friend.  I know that if things get bad, she’ll be there–for all the people (and critters) in her life.

I have another friend who has started a movement she’s calling “shine.”  You can learn more about it on her blog. Shining is when you do something the best that you can–whatever you’re doing.  And part of this is recognizing those people in our life who really do shine.  She’s started a campaign called the Yellow Envelope Project where you thank people who are shining.

The idea here is to recognize someone each week who is really shining by sending them a card in a yellow envelope.  I think that my friend who is caring for all these unwanted cats and who is absorbing all these medical bills for them is really doing just that–she’s shining.

So I’d like to challenge you to send her a card in a yellow envelope.  And in addition to letting her know how good it is that people like her exist, stick in a dollar or two or five to help her pay the vet bills.  She won’t expect this–she’s not that kind of gal.  But it will make her day and reaffirm to her that even in death and tragedy, goodness wins.

Jennifer P.

3423 Clydesdale Dr

Denton TX 76210

One thought on “Letting my Light Shine: A Challenge to You

  1. Oh my gosh! You are the most amazing friend ever!!!

    I did get a card, with a $20 bill in it, and I wondered where it came from. Tonight, I was having some leisure computer time and decided to troll your blog. I found out that you sent it (or initiated it.)

    You really made my day.

    I love you!

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