Resist Conformity, Embrace Individuality


Park at sunset

Park at Sunset



I saw this book at the library the other day and picked it up to skim through it.  It’s called RoadTrip Nation, A Guide to Discovering Your Path in Life.  It’s about 4 kids just out of college who didn’t know what they wanted to do but were being pressured into “being” things they KNEW they didn’t want to be (you know:  doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.)

So they bought an RV that was falling apart and spent three months traveling around interviewing people who were living their passion.  It’s an ok book.  Some of the interviews are interesting, though they didn’t speak to what I need at this moment.

BUT . . . I love this idea that we shouldn’t just do what’s easy–even if it means we upset our family and friends.  We should embrace our individuality and fight for it.

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