Getting into a Good Book

Nibbles in a good book

Wow–talk about getting into a good book!  It seemed kinda spooky when Nibbles climbed “into” the cover of Her Fearful Symmetry.  If you’ve read the book, you’ll know why.  If you haven’t–let me just say that the book has to do with a kitten, death, and “climbing into” things.  It was just downright erie what our kitten did!

I did finish the book–still don’t think it was worth $5 million BUT it was good.  And I went away mad at the characters, wanting to call one of the them and tell her what an ass she was.  That’s a sign of a good book–when you think of the characters as living people.

4 thoughts on “Getting into a Good Book

  1. Nibbles rules! Thanks for linking me to your site. The Best of May 2009 post has received lots of traffic from your site. Perhaps you could link to my general blog instead of that particular post. Thanks again for the love.

  2. I haven’t read Her Fearful Symmetry yet. If Nibbles thinks it’s that good I’ll have to put it on my TBR list for 2010. 😉 But I have to agree, while I certainly wouldn’t turn down $5M, I can’t imagine any book being worth that much. I’m probably one of the few that don’t believe any of the arts should garner that kind of money, including sports and entertainers who seem to get it all the time. Maybe I’m just jealous?

    Happy New Year to you!

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